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VEMATEKS Products Sourcing and Marketing Company deal in 100% Cotton carded,combed and compact Yarn, Open End yarn, Siro Spun Yarn, Slub Yarn, Core spun yarn, Heather grey Melange yarn, Polyester/Cotton Blended yarn, Polyester / Viscose Blended yarn,Polyester Ring Spun & Filament yarn, Cotton, P/C, CVC, Rayon/Cotton Melange yarn, Cotton & P/C Sewing Threads, Polyester Textured yarn, High Tencity polyester textured yarn,Dyed and bleached yarn, Cashmere Yarn, Silk Yarn, Wool Yarn, Rayon Yarn, Polypropylene Yarn, Bamboo Yarn, MJS Yarn, MVS Yarn, Modal Tencel Fiber yarn, Loycel Yarn, Modal & Tencel/Cotton Blended yarn, Double & Ply yarn, Thermolite yarn, Linen yarn, Nylon Filament yarn, Gassed & Mercerized yarn, Banana Yarn, Acrylic yarn, Indigo Dyed yarn, Milk Yarn, Coll Plus & Top Cool yarn, Zero Twist , PVA, Uneven, Neppy and Chenille yarn.


Types of Polyester Yarns:

The polyester yarns have a wide range of diameters and staple lengths. The yarns are made basically as monofilament yarns, multifilament yarns and spun yarns.

Filament Yarns:

Filament Yarns PET Polyester is used to make filament yarns either in monofilament or multifilament forms. The direction and amount of twists are decided by the desired end use. The properties are also pre-determined. There are various types of such yarns. There is the bright, regular tenacity polyester yarn having light, stretch and sag resistance, used for sheer lightweight fabrics like tulle, voile and organdy. The regular tenacity semi dull yarn used for various apparels including lingerie. Its more dull version is used for shirts and blouses.

Textured Yarns:

These yarns are made of PET multifilaments. Texturizing is either done along with the drawing process or afterwards during throwing or texturizing process.

Spun Yarns:

They are made of staple or cut PET or PCDT polyester fibers.



Woven Fabric:

We offer 100% cotton and blended fabrics that include: Twills, Drills , Satins, Stripe Satins, Percales, Sheeting, Bull Denim, Structural Fabrics, Industrial Fabrics, Work Wear, Poplin, Canvas, Matt, Stretch, Ottomans (Single / Double Picks), Dobby, Denim, indigo rope-dyed & Stretch etc.

Knitted Fabric:

We offer single jersey, baby jersey, baby rib, interlock, Fleece, futter, terry, in all diameters, gauges and grams. Whether it’s grey, bleached, dyed or printed, you’ll be wowed at our selection and competitive pricing of 100% cotton & blended knitted fabrics. Also we offer 100% modal,Viscose Polyester fabric.



Garments Division:

VEMATEKS Textile Products Sourcing and Marketing Company is a renowned Exporter, Manufacturer & Buying house which is established in 2002 and based in Turkey. We proud to say that it is well-known among the garment & Sports Items business, has satisfied customers pleased to place repeat business.

We are dealing in following product:-

T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Tank top/A-shirt/Vest, Camisole, Jeans/Pant/Trouser, Jacket/Hoodies / Sweatshirt, Shirt/Blouse, Short/Capri, Skirt, Tops, Romper, Underwear/Lingerie/Bra, Swimwear/Beachwear, Sleepwear.


Home Textiles

Made ups,Home textiles & Textile waste division:

Made Ups:

We deal in whole product series of dyed and printed sheeting, cushions & curtains in satins, percales, special dobby weaves, yarn dyed etc. We also supply all types of towels (especially high quality towels) made on air jet and shuttles looms.

Home Textile:

We are producing all type of qualities for home textile items in various qualities. Normally we are producing below qualities Poly cotton and 100% cotton in various width 56″ To 120″ Including printed and bleach and dyed fabrics.








All type of quality in Denier fabrics as customer requirement qualities and ready-made items which you are currently buying.

Textile Waste:

We offer Comber Noil, Hard waste, Card Fly, Shoddy


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